Chaoseum: “On June 18th 2021 we release an acoustic album”

Today we present a band, Chaoseum.

Hi, how was your band born? 

Valery, Greg and I founded Chaoseum in 2018. We had been in the same band since 2016 and wanted to create a band where we could play more  shows and be more creative. 

Three adjectives to describe your music…. 

Heavy, Groovy, Loud 

Can you introduce us to your project? 

We released our first album in October 2018 and in February 2019, CHAOSEUM  joined SOULFLY, Kataklysme in the USA for a tour of seven concerts on the east  coast. Afterwards, back in Switzerland, the singer left the band which then  asked CK Smile to join them. The song “First Step To Hell” . 

was subsequently rerecorded. 

A limited-edition Live album was recorded at the band’s second concert with CK as  a frontman. It was released under the name “Live In Hell – Les Docks Lausanne  2019”. 

In September of 2019, the band joined TARJA (Ex-NIGHTWISH) for a tour in  Russia. It had a considerable success with Russian metal fans. 

Representing the Xvive brand, CHAOSEUM went to Los Angeles in order to  perform at the Namm Show - the largest music trade show. There, the band also  took the opportunity to play at the legendary Whisky a Go Go. 

A few weeks later, the foursome released a first single “Into My Split” from their next album

The album named “Second Life” was released on September 25th, 2020. It is  recorded at both the Chaos Studio and the Conatus Studio. Gwen Kerjan from the  Slab Sound Studio is in charge of the mix, and as always, Gustavo Sazes takes care  of the artwork. 

Due to Covid-19, the European tour with FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE is unfortunately  postponed until October 2021.

Future projects? 

On June 18th 2021 we release an acoustic album. This album  will include songs like “Into My Split”, “First Step to Hell” and also  new compositions exclusively composed for this acoustic album. We are also starting the composition of the next album and we  hope to record it by early 2022.

What is for you… a show in the drawer? 

Yeah of course.. In August we will play in Czech Republic for the “Death  coffee party” festival. In october we will be on european tour with Fleshgod  Apocalypse and Ex Deo. 


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