Christopher Taylor: “Hoping to get back to the studio for another burst of creativity in the summer”


Today we present to you Christopher Taylor.

Hi, how was your project born?

This latest song came about following some personal experiences of my close friend and lyricist Stephen Cree.  He sent me the words and I came up with the music. Particularly like the chorus in this one with the chant You’re my first thought in the morning, You’re my last thought every night.

Three adjectives to describe your music...

Catchy, Melodic, Uplifting.

Can you introduce us to your project?

Well it’s called By My Side. In essence the song is about rebuilding trust in a relationship after one of the people involved strays into the arms of another. Regret grows and there’s a realisation that the new relationship isn’t nearly as deep, loving and rich as the one that was left and so, it inevitably fails. It’s so hard for the person who was abandoned to deal with the (known and imagined) stuff that went on within the new relationship. The lyric is an acknowledgement of that. It’s out on Friday 4th June.

Future projects?

Hoping to get back to the studio for another burst of creativity in the summer.  Gigs are starting to come in again now so hopefully in to the summer there will be some news and I’ll keep people posted on my web site and socials. But more recording and gigging definitely – I’ve really missed playing live gigs this year.  I would love to play support gigs to some big names at big venues and a bit of fame would be nice.

What is for you… a show in the drawer?

Coming off stage knowing that I’ve played a cracking gig and knowing that the audience have had a great night, and hopefully have attracted some more fans along the way.


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