On the day before originally heading out on a national tour, the hard working rockers in Underwing, as the rest of the world, were faced with government-issued lockdowns, a larger focus on hand hygiene, and a cancelled “House on Fire-tour”. 

The tour was going to be the final tour with former lead guitarist Thomas Myhren, who parted ways with the band a few months prior. The pandemic put a stop to that, leaving the remaining members of Underwing jaded about the future of the band, and an unreleased song that was jammed in the pipeline of releases that the band had planned for the year. 

House on Fire is a metaphor for our world crumbling to pieces, both on an external and an internal level. The song was written a year before the pandemic, and was originally intended to tackle subjects like racism and global climate issues. However, when the pandemic hit we “rebranded” the song and it’s accompanying video so that it would represent those same issues, but under the overarching glue of terms like injustice, oppression and so forth. The music video is more like a short horror film than a music video, and I can tell you this much: There will be no happy ending. Or will it?” – Magnus Christiansen, guitars

Underwing is an alternative rock/metal band from Norway, most known for their experimental rythms, catchy hooks, and the haiku-inspired vocals of frontman Enyeto Kotori.

The band released their debut-EP “Kaela Upsweep” in May 2017, which was followed up by extensive touring in their home country. With touring being the best way to spread the word, the band has since released 4 singles and their sophomore EP “Spirals” (2019) while writing their debut-album “The Initiation”, which is still in the writing process.

The band has released a live album during the pandemic, Lockdown Sessions, featuring pro-shot video and mixed audio by the band’s own drummer Joachim Walle Michalsen.

Read more about Underwing on their website.

Just like their debut outing, listeners are treated to some catchy grunge tunes that are accessible enough for most rock music lovers yet weighty enough to satisfy the appetites of heavier listeners. The ending result leaves the door wide open for a very promising full-length release hopefully soon.” – Jack Lynch,

The music is heavy, interesting and just plain great. As are the vocal performances which sounds emotionally convincing regardless of the words.” – Cristoffer Eriksson, Stargazed Magazine 

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