Vaya: “Our music is authentic, powerful and wise. We will start to build the live this summer”

Today we have the pleasure of introducing you to Vaya, a duo.

Hi, how was your band born?

Hi there. Well it came by itself. I was just finishing a real hard life time. During this period I was not able to write even sing a lot because the emotional in me was struggled. When I received the final good news I decided to take my backpack, taking a bus for a « nowhere destination ». At arrival I walk into the forest till I saw a light on a tree and seat down on the roots. I looked up the sky and said : «  And now? »

I lighted up my candle and waited. Then a huge flow of words came on my leather book through my pen: I was feeling that it was just waiting to go out on the right time. I was so excited that I called from the only small hotel I found my partner Raphaël Mtx and said «  Raph I got it, I am full of lyrics and sounds !!!! Let’ s meet tomorrow. I need a guitar player ». And it is how it began.

Three adjectives to describe your music….

Authentic, Powerful, Wise.


Can you introduce us to your project?

Well VAYA started from the beginning with different kind of artists that appeared on different steps from the composing part, to the arrangement till the live. That was for the first album. The spirit of the white wolf that makes dance, sing and create people around it; like an invitation around the sacred fire. It sounded like more rock but lot of people from Metal band fans love it because it sounds loud and deep.

The second one that is on process, is clearly more experimental and we are only two of us into it. It will represent the tiger soul.

Future projects?

Yes we hope to be able to make it work for next year. Actually we are on the post production and we will start to build the live this summer.

What is for you… a show in the drawer?

So if I understand well you are asking  « what you would want the most from a live show? »Well, shaking my bones in symbiosis with the public: sharing the same sacred fire.


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