Pressure: “We are releasing our first album 7th May 2021, “Path Of A Shadow””


Today we introduce you to Pressure, a story metal band. They are releasing our first album 7th May 2021, “Path Of A Shadow”.

Hi, how was your band born?

Hello, Pressure was formed back in 2018, Simon and Emil had been playing for a long time together. Simon was actually Emils guitar teacher back in 2008. They started to play together in a cover/party band and did that for several years. In 2017 they started to strive more towards their own heavier music. As they were searching for a new frontman – a real vocalist. They found Olof and soon they started to work together. At first the band was meant to make heavy metal cover songs but soon they started to write their own music and all of the band felt that this was the way to go. Pressure was ready to start to play live shows as COVID struck and used the time during the pandemic to perfect their sound, write new material and build a larger network with fellow musicians and other great people around the band.

Three adjectives to describe your music….

Energetic, truthful, mooddriven.

Can you introduce us to your project?

Pressure is a Story Metal band. Story Metal is when you combine a lot of different genres to make a new one. We are basing Story Metal on the lyrics. We collect stories, moods, feelings and situations that originates in different kinds of Pressures. All our songs are based on true events that we either have experienced ourselves or has seen/experienced by someone close to us. As we collect these stories we write upon them and strive to make them as you can see that there is always at least two sides to every story. The music have to reflect the mood of the Pressure that we are telling our listeners about so that’s why we doesn’t have a red line through the sound through the songs. Each and every song can have different inspirations so one can be based upon elements from Power Metal and Folkmusic and the next one can be a crossover of Metalcore and Thrash metal. So that’s story metal for you. Using music to set the mood for the story to be told with the most powerful means that we have in our toolbox. We really wan to help people in their daily life by giving them tools, our music, to handle all the pressures that are around them. Everyone faces pressures and hard situations. We wan to give them strength to handle them wherever and whoever they are.

Future projects?

We are releasing our first album 7th May 2021, “Path Of A Shadow”. It’s a concept album that will tell you a story about your own life but seen from your shadows perspective. The shadow has seen it all, you can never hide from your shadow. But your shadow is never judgmental, never condescending. The shadow just has your back all the time. We see the shadow as a representation of your guardian angel, someone who will always stand by your no matter what. He is always around. The album is his story and his legacy. It will reveal secrets that you didn’t want to hear and some secrets you didn’t even know!

What is for you… a show in the drawer?

Haha, a show in the drawer? Well I guess that is a good description of always being prepared for a show. We are always prepared to do a show and do it in a drawer, well that would be the minimum to bring to be able to do a show. Or perhaps a drawer show? We could only be allowed to play on drawers . I would love to try to make a guitar out of a drawer. That could be something! Perhaps I have to try it!








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