Deap Vally annunciano ‘Digital Dream’, il nuovo ep digitale in arrivo il 26 febbraio, con i feat. di Warpaint, Peaches, Jamie Hince ed altri (Cooking Vinyl

Deap Vally annunciano ‘Digital Dream’, il nuovo ep digitale in arrivo il 26 febbraio (Cooking Vinyl/The Orchard). Anticipato dal singolo ‘Look Away’, l’ep contiene una serie di collaborazioni del duo californiano, espressione di una nuova forma di scrittura e di registrazione. Tra gli artisti che hanno preso parte a ‘Digital Dream’, Jenny Lee (Warpaint), Peaches, Zach Dawes (Last Shadow Puppets) e Jamie Hince (The Kills). L’ep è auto prodotto da Deap Vally, che hanno collaborato con l’amico di lunga data e sound engineer Josiah Mazzaschi (Jesun and Mary Chain, Idles), a differenza dei precedenti album che hanno visto Nick Zammer (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) al mixer. 

Dibattute da anni sul continuare ad essere un duo, Deap Vally, invece di diventare un trio, hanno intrapreso una nuova strada creativa e collaborativa, incrociando le proprie esperienze musicali con gli artisti presenti in ‘Digital Dream’, cooperando anzichè commissionando. Il risultato è una rinascita per Deap Vally, molto più di quanto loro stesse si aspettassero, rompendo le precedenti abitudini e lasciandosi trasportare dal flusso creativo, aggiungendo suoni seguendo il ritmo dei brani, senza limitare alcun strumento. 

The Digital Dream EP was an amazing opportunity for us to remove all style barriers from our music and collaborate with some of our favorite people and artists.  The songs on this EP were composed in a purely democratic way, allowing all artists in the room to contribute, shape, and participate in their creation.  Writing these songs was about process over result, encouraging everyone to enter into potentially uncomfortable places (ie. jamming and letting go of preconceived notions of approach and genre) while feeling safe and unjudged.  True musical alchemy” – Deap Vally

‘Digital Dream’ segue la collaborazione con Flaming Lips nel progetto Deap Lips, il cui omonimo album è stato pubblicato nel 2020. L’ep è il primo di una serie di lavori di Deap Vally che vedranno la luce entro l’anno. 

 How the Digital Dream collaborations came to be…

LOOK AWAY: Julie has known jennylee since the early 2000s, when they met through friends at the Mustard Seed Cafe in Los Feliz, before either woman even played an instrument. Years later, Lindsey and jennylee bonded over a bonfire at a birthday celebration at Brody Dalle and Josh Homme’s house.

DIGITAL DREAM: Likewise with Soko, both Lindsey and Julie knew her separately: Soko’s brother, Maxime, actually gave Lindsey blues guitar lessons, while Julie met Soko after an Echoplex Battle of the Bands fundraiser for 826 LA in 2009. Soko needed a ride home and the rest is history. Soko went on to join Deap Vally on bass when they played an in-store at Amoeba records and Julie and Lindsey were super impressed with the wicked bass lines she came up with for their songs. When they got into the studio together they were buzzing with excitement and ideas, and Digital Dream was the product. Soko invited Zack Dawes (Mini Mansions, Last Shadow Puppets) to contribute a spicy bass line. In the grand tradition of six degrees of separation, Julie and Zack had already known each other for years through Julie’s brother’s band, Autolux.

HIGH HORSE: Deap Vally met KT Tunstall when they both performed on Later… with Jools Holland in 2013. They’d stayed in touch via social media over the years and KT was jazzed when they asked her to get in the studio together. They wrote and recorded High Horse at Dave Grohl’s Studio 606. The only thing missing was a rap by Peaches. Lindsey’s friendship with Peaches began as a mutual fan-encounter at a restaurant in Silverlake: Lindsey approached Peaches to profess her admiration and it turned out Peaches was a Deap Vally fan, too. Deap Vally went on to open for Peaches in 2015.

SHOCK EASY: The final song was the result of an encounter with Jame Hince of The Kills at a Queens of The Stone Age show. Lindsey got excited when she spotted Jamie in the audience. Julie and Lindsey later ran into him outside waiting for an Uber, and Lindsey told him she was a huge fan of The Kills and would love to have him produce some tracks for Deap Vally. The next week the three met up for dinner and decided to write some music together, which Jamie would produce. Shock Easy was inspired by the weight they all felt about the school shootings they kept reading about in the news. The process was a cathartic one, and they built a friendship through it.


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